I’m Dann Berg, and FinOps for Startups is a book I’m writing about cloud cost management and startups…two topics that aren’t typically associated together.

Early-stage companies are usually focused on growth at all costs, which is exactly what they should be focused on. But there are many lessons that startups can take from FinOps that can feel like a cheat code for success.

FinOps for Startups shows how small scrappy companies can use FinOps best practices to build stronger businesses and facilitate a company culture of accountability and cloud cost mindfulness.

For more about my FinOps experience, check out the about me page.

Providing feedback

This book is very much in progress and this website is part of my effort to research in public. Feedback is appreciated!

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Chapter 0. Introduction

  • What is FinOps?
  • Why FinOps?
  • FinOps culture from day one
  • Speaking FinOps
  • Your cloud bill, demystified

Chapter 1. The circle of FinOps

  • FinOps in detail
  • It’s about making conscious, informed decisions about where every cloud infra dollar is going
  • Shortening the Money Feedback Loop

Chapter 2. Cloud Provider Relationships for startups

  • Choosing a cloud provider
  • Freebies and deals available to startups
  • Negotiations and discounts

Chapter 3. Adopting FinOps on Day One

  • Low effort, high reward practices
  • Organizing your company
  • Building meaningful visibility
  • How efficient is your business, really?

Chapter 4. Adopting FinOps a Little Later

  • When it’s time to clean things up
    • Before acquisition or IPO
    • Fundraising - might be able to raise less
  • Where should you even start?
  • When to hire a dedicated FinOps Practitioner
  • Tooling: build vs buy

Chapter 5. FinOps for Venture Capital Part I - VC Perspective

  • What do investors need to know about FinOps?
  • When is FinOps a priority for startups?
  • FinOps as part of due diligence
  • Helping your investments achieve their FinOps goals
  • Types of founders, and how to talk to each about FinOps

Chapter 6. FinOps for Venture Capital Part II - Startup Perspective

  • When your investors will care about FinOps
  • Setting expectations when talking to investors
  • Building an queue of future cost-saving opportunities
  • FinOps and startup valuations (finops foundation)

Chapter 7. FinOps for Private Equity

  • Identifying companies with big FinOps opportunities
  • High impact strategies post-merger
  • Strategically rolling out FinOps Programs across portfolio

…and more