Date: 2024-01-22 Name: Redacted Title: Director of FinOps Type: Interviews

Processed Notes

  • Companies of all sizes choose to outsource their FinOps Practice to third-party companies
    • Often it’s just a for a second set of eyes—these companies already have an internal FinOps practice of some sort, but want to validate those recommendations with a “pro”
  • A daily cadence of checking cost-related alerts and monitors helps shorten the money feedback loop
  • There is a ton of opportunity for big savings in the Private Equity space. Can use FinOps to cut cloud bill across entire portfolio.

Raw Notes

  • Larger customers coming to him for validation. They have their own team who is making recommendations, and wants third party recommendations and compare against their internal recommendations
  • Thinking about RIs and SPs in a more mature way than most companies
  • Set up alerts and monitors, checking their costs for them daily and alert them on it
  • Large companies code with cost in mind, rather than building and trying to remediate afterwards
  • Hiring a third-party FinOps service is often way more affordable for smaller companies
  • Private Equity, buy a company and cut costs across all their portfolio