I’m Dann Berg and I’ve been working in the field of FinOps since roughly 2016 or 2017—before it was called FinOps. I’ve joined a couple late-stage startups in cloud-cost specific roles, including Datadog and FullStory, where I helped wrangle costs and build out FinOps programs. I also spent a little bit of time on the vendor side, joining a Series A cloud cost visibility and optimization platform startup to help build out community.

I’m also active in the FinOps community, hosting the monthly virtual NYC FinOps Meetup for nearly three years, and organizing several in-person gathering as well. I was a presenter at the first FinOps X conference in Austin, TX, and currently serve as NE Community Support at the FinOps Foundation.

Over the years, I noticed that most of the information and resources available in the FinOps space are geared towards enterprise companies. I wanted to take a different approach, and look at the small changes that early-stage companies can make to supercharge their businesses.

I live in Brooklyn, New York with my wife and our cat.